The 4th Annual Hg Prize

Four years ago, via his blog We Write Lists, our man Stephen started what was to become an annual tradition: The Hg Prize. Completely unrelated in any way to the much more renowned Mercury Prize (honest, it’s purely coincidence that the dramatic change in dates for the award this year happens to coincide with the Mercury’s shift), the Hg Prize rewards the best in British... Read More

In the beginning…

  It was the first of August, 2010, that Stephen W. Thomas (Esq.) first moved to London. It was a shabby house he took up residence in, out in the relative suburbs of South Kenton. Being the inconceivably lucky sod that he is, he found himself sharing an entire house with just one other person. And, being the inconceivably lucky sod that he is, within a few days he’d... Read More

New Roses

When I was at university, a seemingly distant but devastatingly mere three years ago, I spent most of my degree doing very little theological work at all – not, unfortunately, advisable for a theology student. When I should have been writing examinations of St Augustine’s ‘Confessions’, or picking apart the hebrew language, I was in fact dossing about watching... Read More


The following post was first published on We Write Lists on April 2nd, 2012. I learnt a new word yesterday. I don’t often learn new words. Not because I’m very clever and I already know everything but rather because I’m very stupid and never pay attention. The word, picked up from webcomic XKCD’s April Fool’s Day prank, is ‘umwelt’. It’s not a very pretty word,... Read More

An Introduction

  Warm sounds work as well as any blanket on the coldest nights. They trick me and coax me into believing I’m somewhere cosier, somewhere better than wherever I actually lay. The Paper Shades make just-so music. Comforting, late-night tale music. Sarah Dollar’s voice is pure, and her harmonies with Jon Rixon are precisely those warm sounds of which I speak. To... Read More