Folkroom presents The Lake Poets!

If you’ve been thinking that your plans for November are looking a little sparse, we’ve got you sorted. Folkroom are very proud to announce that on November 28th we’ll be putting on The Lake Poets in one of London’s most iconic churches – and tickets are available now! Over the past few years Marty Longstaff and his band, The Lake Poets, have been making bigger and bigger waves on the music scene. Just this week, though,... Read More


The following post was first published on We Write Lists on April 2nd, 2012. I learnt a new word yesterday. I don’t often learn new words. Not because I’m very clever and I already know everything but rather because I’m very stupid and never pay attention. The word, picked up from webcomic XKCD’s April Fool’s Day prank, is ‘umwelt’. It’s not a very pretty word, I’ll give you that. It sounds like a German sausage, or a caveman stubbing... Read More