The 4th Annual Hg Prize

Four years ago, via his blog We Write Lists, our man Stephen started what was to become an annual tradition: The Hg Prize. Completely unrelated in any way to the much more renowned Mercury Prize (honest, it’s purely coincidence that the dramatic change in dates for the award this year happens to coincide with the Mercury’s shift), the Hg Prize rewards the best in British... Read More

We Ruddy Love Herons!

Herons! are a band. Herons are a bird, yes, but add that exclamation mark and you find yourselves faced with one of those wonderful little discoveries you only get when you run a sporadic and ever-faltering music blog. Read More  Read More

Lyrics by Emily Wood

A couple of months ago I noticed a strange trend appearing amongst the visitors to We Write Lists. That week, and every single day since, we’ve had somewhere in the region of a hundred visits simply from people searching for the lyrics to ‘Steal My Heart’ – a wonderful song by our friends Emily and the Woods. The problem is, the post that drew everyone in didn’t actually... Read More

We Ruddy Love.. O. Chapman

We’ve had a few treats in our time hosting the best kept secret on London’s folk scene, but not many compare to the first time we saw O. Chapman play for us. It was a busy night at the Folkroom, the crowd bustling with loud conversation and clinking glasses. Cash registers opening and shutting. Broken tankards and big laughs. Chapman sidles up to the stage, places a small chair... Read More

Announcing.. Folkroom Records

We’ve got something we’ve been meaning to tell you.. Read More  Read More