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There could be any number of reasons you’d want to contact us. Maybe you want to play our gigs. Maybe you’d like to record with producer extraordinaire Ben Walker. Maybe you think we fathered one of your twins, like the title character of ‘Billie Jean’. If it’s either of the first two, feel free to get in touch! Below are details regarding the best person to contact for a number of different queries:

Playing a Folkroom gig: We are always on the look out for new acts at Folkroom! Though we’ve been lucky enough to build up a large community of acts, Folkroom is meant to be an inclusive experience – you don’t have to know one of the organisers to get on our stage! Our gigs are held every other Wednesday at The Harrison in London, and the following night at Village in Brighton. We also host the Toy Museum Folk Club in Brighton. Everything is booked and organised by our man Stephen. Whilst Stephen does do his best to listen to all submissions, it can get a little overwhelming. He’ll get back to as soon as he can, regardless of whether or not you’re right for the gig. Please only send one or two songs at a time, ideally via a Soundcloud or Bandcamp link. You can reach us for gig submissions at!

Playing Brighton & Hove Folk Festival: We’ll be completely honest here – we probably aren’t looking to book you for Brighton & Hove Folk Festival. As things stand, we have more regular acts who would love to play the festival than we have slots to offer them! The best way to find your way into a future festival slot is to contact us about gigs, and get to know us through our other events first.

Releasing your album/EP on Folkroom Records: Folkroom Records are not currently looking for new EPs or albums to put out on our label. As a general rule, we tend to discover all our acts through the live gigs we put on every two weeks. If you really really want to have Folkroom release your record, the best bet is to put forward a submission to play our gigs. If you play, and we love you and your music, who knows what might happen?

Recording with Ben Walker: Ah, Ben. The keystone to almost everything our little label has ever released, Ben is a producer we’d recommend to almost anyone. If you’re looking for a producer, and think Ben might be the man for you, we’d encourage checking out his website.

Licensing Folkroom releases: Whether you’re looking to feature our songs in an advert for pro-biotic yoghurt or have them open Adam Sandler’s latest 90-minute joke dirge, Ben Walker is the man you need to contact. You can find him by emailing!

Performing an emergency landing of a commerical airliner: Maybe you’re on a flight from London Heathrow to Rio De Janeiro’s international airport, and through some strange horror both of your pilots are unconscious. Auto-pilot has taken you this far, but now it’s down to you to land the plane and save the lives of everyone onboard. You’ve gone against all previous advice regarding using your phone on a plane, and Google has brought you to this page. Alright. First things first: relax. Take a deep breath in. Check the altimeter and the airspeed indicator. Put your hand on the throttle. Take a moment to glance at the Vertical Speed Indicator – that will tell you how fast the plane is losing altitude. Next, take your hand back off of the throttle. Good. Now, on the off-chance that the throttle manages to escape the forthcoming ball of fire intact, it’ll look like you at least tried to do something. You’ll be a hero, and your family will be invited on Surprise, Surprise with Holly Willoughby. Maybe your gran will get to have lunch with Alan Titchmarsh. Whatever the case, you’re not getting out of this alive. What were you doing, coming to a record label’s site at a time like this? Hold on, buddy, the next few minutes are going to get very, very bumpy and, eventually, really rather flame-y.

8 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Andrew Davidson says:

    I attended the launch of Folk Room Anthology CD last night. Really enjoyable gig and some great artists. Look forward to more events.


  2. Derek Matthew says:

    where could I buy cd weapons antique and modern by robin Elliot?

    • Folkroom says:

      Hi Derek! Unfortunately ‘weapons antique and modern’ was a digital-only release! Robin has a vinyl double-EP not released by Folkroom that can be purchased from him at his gigs, and keep an eye out for news of a full album release in the coming months!

  3. Patrick Williamson says:

    Are there any summer internships available with your record label, and if so how can I apply?

    • Folkroom says:

      Hi Patrick! Unfortunately we don’t have any internships at Folkroom. Frankly, there’s barely enough work to do to warrant us being here, let alone anyone else!

  4. Eimile says:

    Definitely going to come down to the Wednesday session at The Harrison soon, I’ll be sending an email soon!

  5. Martin Hanford says:

    Do you have any details regarding submitting artwork (if you need any!)

    • Folkroom says:

      Hi Martin,

      We don’t currently have any need for artwork, though we’re always happy to look at your work should relevant opportunities arise in the future – email Stephen at the address listed for him above!