Folkroom and Gender

Phew. Look at that title. Heavy stuff, right out of the gate. But here’s the thing: a couple of years ago a friend of ours asked about what the gender split was like amongst acts playing Folkroom gigs. Immediately, we were curious too. We wanted to create an environment where women are given just as much opportunity and representation as men – hell, it’s even... Read More

Folkroom’s 2016: A Musical Round-Up!

It’s the middle of December, and as we drag ourselves towards the end of a historical, horrendous year, we at Folkroom find ourselves desperate to focus on some of the better things that happened in 2016. In that spirit, we’ve gathered together a playlist featuring all of the artists in our little scene to have released something (and put it on Spotify) this year. You... Read More

Lesson One: A Proposal For HMV

Yesterday evening, sometime between my leaving HMV with a few new purchases under arm and arriving home, it was announced that HMV was to go into administration. Now, all news so far suggests that intentions are simply to find a way to keep HMV running as a viable business. But this may well mean giving the company a business liposuction, and forming a smaller, sleeker version... Read More

Our 2012 Hg Prize Winner!

As is tradition, our Hg Prize is announced today in a timing that is completely and utterly unrelated to tonight’s Mercury Prize announcement. Not. Related. At. All. But the time is here! Just a few weeks ago we announced our shortlist – albums by Alt-J, Kate Bush, David Byrne & St. Vincent, Dollboy, Field Music, Futureheads, Richard Hawley, Laura Marling, The Milk,... Read More

On Monday the 29th of October 2012 we’ll finally be releasing Anthology Two – the much awaited follow-up to our debut release on Folkroom Records! You can find all sorts of details about it in the news section of our site, but we thought we’d take you aside for a moment to explore the more personal side of the record. Namely, the sings themselves. Over the next... Read More