Andrew Butler’s ‘February 14th’ EP

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Have yourselves an exclusive listen to the single, ‘Thousand Words’ and a beautiful Johnny Cash cover Andrew recorded for us..

It’s exciting times here at Folkroom Records! We’re excited tonight to be announcing our first full release since our free compilation Anthology One. We can’t think of an act more suitable to release the first Folkroom EP than Andrew Butler, who was our first ever headline act a year and a half ago and featured on Anthology One with his track ‘Love Is A Record’. On February 14th Andrew releases his debut EP with Folkroom Records. By pure coincidence* the EP itself is also called ‘February 14th‘!

‘February 14th’ will feature four Andrew Butler tracks including the delicate opening track ‘A Thousand Words’. It will be available exclusively through Folkroom Records on Bandcamp and will be celebrated with a free EP launch party at The Queens Head on February 15th (we realise some of you might have plans the day before…). Andrew will be inviting some of his favourite acts along to support him on the night, and we hope you’ll join us too.

*well, not entirely…

You can find out a little more on Andrew by checking him out on our artist page.. (Though we’re sure you already have..)

The Folkroom trio x


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  1. Spike says:

    What time will the free EP launch party start at?

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