Happy Release Day Ringlefinch!

Ringlefinch release their debut album, Tall Tales, on Folkroom Records today. The album is the culmination of years of songwriting, gigging and recording. Produced entirely by the band’s lead singer, Andy Logan, the album is an accomplished and richly textured record that is as daring as it is irrepressibly fun.

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with Folk Radio UK championing its ‘buoyant and joyful sound’ and For Folk’s Sake telling its readers that ‘you need this album’.

From the gothic stories of Edward Gory to grandiose conmen of the 19th century, the record is rich with stories and ideas, never letting up its lush instrumentation and vividly drawn lyrics. Whether you’re looking for a Tom Lehrer cover or a sprawling 16 minute song-cycle filled with beauty and wonder, you can discover ‘Tall Tales’ today on the Folkroom Bandcamp page.

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