A Folky Christmas with friends!

Alright, alright, we’ve given in. We’re now officially listening to Christmas songs. We try not to – to hold off until at least December 1st each year. But the thing is, we’ve got Christmas on our minds… Get your diaries out, folk – we’ve got something you’re not going to want to miss. Folkroom Records are teaming up with Clerkenwell-based folk night Before The Gold Rush and the terrific Patch and the... Read More

We Ruddy Love.. O. Chapman

We’ve had a few treats in our time hosting the best kept secret on London’s folk scene, but not many compare to the first time we saw O. Chapman play for us. It was a busy night at the Folkroom, the crowd bustling with loud conversation and clinking glasses. Cash registers opening and shutting. Broken tankards and big laughs. Chapman sidles up to the stage, places a small chair in the centre and sits down, his head barely above those of the pub... Read More