Happy Release Day Ben Walker

Ben Walker’s new solo album Echo is out today on Folkroom Records. The critically-acclaimed record is available now in record stores around the country, as well as all the usual online spots.

It’s been a long but tremendously rewarding journey to reach this point, and we’d like to thank everyone who has pre-ordered their copy. If you’ve not bought yours yet, now is quite literally the best time to do it so far. We think you’ll love it, and the reviews all seem to agree:

 …a profound statement connecting past and present – it sounds very special. fRoots

Stunning… from hauntology reminiscent of Gavin Bryers…to gorgeous duets...The Guardian

Ben’s reputation for melding tradition with ground-breaking, innovative, indeed, passionate music is truly enhanced with this exceptional release.Folk Radio UK

As Ben says: “I could never have asked for a better critical reception and to be honest, I didn’t necessarily see it coming. When you set out to make a record you never know what people are going to make of it and you just have to hope someone, somewhere, gets it!

“I couldn’t have made Echo without the work of people like EFDSS and the Sussex Tradition, for example, who keep our folk heritage safe. As for those who lent me their voices and instruments – you’ll hear some you might know, like Kitty Macfarlane, Laura Hockenhull, Bella Hardy and Hazel Askew, as well as awesome new voices like Thom Ashworth, Laura Ward and JinnWoo, and wonderful musicians including the brilliant John Parker on double bass. I can’t thank them enough.”

Discover Echo for yourself now!

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