Folkroom teams with Hobgoblin Music

Folkroom are very excited to announce that our Brighton events are now sponsored by our favourite music store! Hobgoblin Music, who have branches around the UK (and just a few minutes away from our events at Brighton Toy & Model Museum) will be supporting our Brighton gigs, allowing us to continue bringing the very best live folk music to the city!

We love Hobgoblin – not least because they specialise in folk and acoustic instruments. You want a wall of squeezeboxes? THEY’VE GOT A WALL OF SQUEEZEBOXES. You want actual legitimate choice when you choose a new mandolin, or need expert advice from someone who knows the difference between a mandola, a cittern and a bouzoukis? Then go to them! Because, genuinely, we’ve no idea*.

It’s excellent news for us, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring some of our acts to the Brighton shop for instore appearances now and then, too. Keep an eye on our social media for that sort of news, and don’t forget to grab your tickets for our new season of the Toy Museum Folk Club – our new (sponsored!) flyers have more details:

*Let’s be honest, Ben Walker probably does know the difference between those three almost indistinguishable instruments. But Stephen is absolutely clueless.

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