Toy Museum Folk Club announces its 2019 Autumn season!

One of the regular highlights of the last year for the Folkroom team has been our Toy Museum Folk Club events in Brighton. As well as welcoming some of the brightest talents in folk music to the city, we’ve had the honour of doing it in one of the most magical venues we’ve ever known!

With one show left in our Spring season (it’s a doozy, so grab your ticket now!), it’s time to reveal our incredible line-up for our Autumn run, which will take us from August through to November and see nine more tremendous headliners perform for us, alongside another group of amazing support acts each worthy of discovery in their own right!

This season is an opportunity to experience some of the UK and Ireland’s finest folk talents, whilst also taking in some groundbreaking acts from across the Atlantic. The Askew Sisters, Greg Russell and Bird in the Belly all offer tremendous takes on the traditional folk scene, whilst Katherine Priddy, Harri Endersby and Aidan O’Rourke & Kit Downes all show very different but equally thrilling ways forward for the genre. The United States offer up two headliners as well, with cult icon Tim Eriksen and the award-winning violinist Gaelynn Lea both visiting our little Toy Museum!

Perhaps the most fitting event of the season will be our October 25th gig, which sees a visit from Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner. The duo will be performing the unforgettable songs they created for Britain’s most famous toy of all – Bagpuss. The show might have only ran for 13 episodes, but remains a powerhouse in collective nostalgia – where better to hear these songs come to life than Brighton Toy & Model Museum?

Once again we’ve worked hard to make sure that each support act complements the headline and offers the audience a new musician or two to discover and take home with them (ideally only in merchandised form). This season sees familiar folk names like the return to the scene of BBC Folk Award winner Bill Jones and Stick in the Wheel’s Fran Foote in collaboration with her mother Belinda Kempster. Elsewhere we’ll share new trad folk voices like Tilly Moses and David Gunawardana, and exciting new acts familiar to followers of Folkroom: Tom Hyatt, Winterfalle and Thickets.

Of course, the little easter egg at the centre of so many memorable Toy Museum Folk Club nights has been Chris Riddell. Over the past year we’ve been privileged to have the author and illustrator as our artist in residence, providing live illustrations to complement the songs as they are being performed. Chris attends when his schedule allows, so we don’t guarantee his presence at every gig – think of it as an added bonus!

The new season of the Toy Museum Folk Club is onsale now! Full line-up and ticket details are below:

Toy Museum Folk Club – Autumn 2019

Aug 3rd – Tim Eriksen (with support from Ben Walker) [TICKETS]

Sept 7th – Katherine Priddy (w/ Tom Hyatt and Winterfalle) [TICKETS]

Sept 20th – Greg Russell (w/ Iona Lane & Abbey Thomas) [TICKETS]

Sept 21st – Gaelynn Lea (w/ Fran Foote & Belinda Kempster) [TICKETS]

Oct 4th – The Askew Sisters (w/ David Gunawardana) [TICKETS]

Oct 19th – Aidan O’Rourke & Kit Downes (w/ Tilly Moses) [TICKETS]

Oct 25th – Sandra Kerr & John Faulkner (w/ Thom Ashworth) [TICKETS]

Nov 9th – Harri Endersby (w/ Thickets) [TICKETS]

Nov 22nd – Bird in the Belly (w/ Bill Jones) [TICKETS]

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