Your March Gigs at Folkroom


We know what you’re thinking – is it spring yet? No. No it isn’t. It isn’t now, and it never will be. It’ll just continue to be winter until, one day in June, you’ll go out for a Sunday stroll and realise you needn’t have brought your coat. But you did, and now you’re all sweaty and gross walking the Hackney Marshes.

It might not be spring yet, but it is March – and we have three terrific Folkroom Fortnightly gigs for you!

First up, on March 1st, we have what we’re casually referring to as Folk(tronica)room – three acts who make gorgeous folk-inclined music with a few more wires and knobs attached. Stop giggling at the back. Our headliner is Folkroom favourite Brightly, who has put out a number of terrific albums and at least two of the most gorgeous songs we’ve ever heard. We’ve got support in from our pal Deerful and newcomer JolĂ© – find the details you need here!

Mid-March sees a little Folkroom takeover as our usual host Stephen disappears off on his honeymoon. Kirsty Merryn and Jack Harris will not only headline the Fortnightly gig on March 15th, but will also act as our co-hosts. Like Ant and Dec, or that time some idiot let Anne Hathaway and James Franco host the Oscars. Support comes from Alex Alex and Will Curry, and you can find out more here.

March 29th closes out the month for us, but we’ve another treat in store for you. There’ll be a very welcome return for Folk Award-winning Josienne Clarke, who’ll headline in her new duo with another Folkroom alumnus, Samantha Whates. If that isn’t enough to tempt you along, you must be broken. But we’ve got Adam Beattie in support, with more acts to be confirmed shortly!

We hope to see you at The Harrison this March! It’s the only sensible place to spend every other Wednesday. And most of the other days, too.

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