In Which We Put On A Disney Gig, Because Why Not?

This February, for one night only, Folkroom’s Rotating Orchestra will be presenting an evening of Disney and Pixar songs at Old Street’s Trapeze Bar. Tickets are available now for what promises to be a magical night!

Over the last 78 years the Disney studio has made its way into the hearts of every generation. Children watching Frozen today have parents who were raised on The Little Mermaid and grandparents who adored The Jungle Book!

On February 21st, Folkroom will be celebrating the songs of these two studios with a night that will cover music from films as diverse as Hercules and Cinderella, The Aristocats and Pixar’s Wall-E.

The Folkroom Rotating Orchestra, a collective of the freshest new voices in folk music, will be gathering together live for the first time to put on this show. Among the acts who’ll be performing on the night are Daniel Duke, Samantha Whates, Tom Hyatt, Harry Harris, Lucy Cait, Emily Mae Winters and Ringlefinch.

Doors open at 6pm, with music from 6:30. There’ll be DJs both upstairs and down afterwards for anyone in need of some afterparty action!

Tickets are VERY limited, so make sure to grab them soon – there are two pricing tiers: £10 seats and £5 standing.

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