Announcing: Anthology Three!

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Folkroom is ecstatic to announce the release of our long-awaited compilation album, Anthology Three! The Anthology series has been a vital part of Folkroom’s output since we debuted as a label with ‘Anthology One’ way back in 2011. Our new record is out now on digital and, for the first time, available on CD from February 2nd.

As ever, this Anthology record is a snapshot of the artists working in and around our little label. Folkroom has always been about more than just the artists on our label, and we’re proud to surround ourselves with so many talented musicians that Anthology Three can only represent a glimpse of the group we affectionately nickname ‘The Folkroom Rotating Orchestra’. There are names on the record that you might recognise from previous compilations, as well as a wide selection of artists that you may not have heard of previously. Whatever the case, Anthology Three (working title ‘Anthology With A Vengeance’) is an embarrassment of riches, and we can’t wait for you to hear it. Head over to Bandcamp this very second to get your hands on Anthology Three!

The tracklisting of Anthology Three looks like this:

1. Ghosts of Retirement Homes – Stephen Hallam

2. Daniel – Patch & The Giant

3. Graduation – Late Arrivals Club

4. William V – Robin Elliott

5. Fixing to Gamble – Cameron J Niven

6. The Song of my Name – Daniel Pattison

7. Snowgirl – Ringlefinch

8. Wake the Dead – Joe Innes & The Cavalcade

9. Unarmed – Nick Edward Harris

10. Paper Boats – Anjana Vasan

11. The Best Defense (Is An All Out Attack) – Lazy Heart Parade

12. Say Aye – Lucy Cait

13. The Flood – The Lost Cavalry

14. Look Away – Herons!

As ever, Anthology Three is available as a free download (though you can opt to pay more!). You can download the record now from our Bandcamp! For the first time ever, we’ll also be putting out this Anthology on CD! Our physical edition comes in a slipcase with artwork by Folkroom’s own photographer Nigel Lupton, and is also available to pre-order before its February 2nd release as an extremely limited edition at only £8 a piece. Once our Anthology Three CDs are gone, they’ll be gone forever – so make sure to grab one whilst you have a chance!

If you’re really desperate to get your hands on an Anthology Three CD, you can come down to our very special launch night at The Harrison in London! At least eight of the artists featured on the record will be playing for us on January 31st, and the gig will be your first chance to buy the album, two days before its official release! Because of the limited size of the venue, our launch will be ticketed at £5. You can buy your tickets here!

As previously covered, our first two Anthology albums are still available to download for £5 each, with all money going to the Piers Simon Appeal and their School In A Bag charity project.


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