Folkroom Presents: Anthology Two – OUT NOW!

It’s out! Running free amongst the people! Like the King Kong of folk, our second compilation album, ‘Anthology Two’, has broken free of its shackles and is taking over a city near you!

Or, to put it in a more literal way, it’s available now as a free download from our Bandcamp page. If you like folk music, then this album is for you. If you like free downloads, then this album is also for you. If you like free folk music downloads, then you must be just about to burst with glee right now.

The album, ten months in the making, features eleven specially-recorded tracks from the likes of Lucy Cait, Ellie Rumbold, Andrew Butler, Worry Dolls, Herons!, Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker, Zoe Wren, The Moon, The Son and The Daughters, Dave Gerard and the Watchmen, Sophie Jamieson and Patch and the Giant (pictured above).

We’re intensely proud of an album that we see as a huge achievement – hopefully you’ll love it just as much as we do. Download it now, here, and let us know your favourite tracks!

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