Anthology Two Tracklisting Announced!

It’s only one week until we release our long-awaited free compilation ‘Anthology Two’ – so what better time to announce a few more details about it? The album, which will be available as a free download on our Bandcamp page from next Monday, is the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Anthology One’. On the naming front, we’re nothing if not consistent.

We’ve been working hard on recording ‘Anthology Two’ for a few months now – almost all of the songs on the album were recorded in our man Ben’s production ‘studio’, Ben’s Room. The tracklisting is as follows:


1. Sweet Merry Merchant Man – Lucy Cait

2. These Ghosts – Ellie Rumbold

3. Candlelit Confessions – Andrew Butler

4. Oliver – Worry Dolls

5. Aliens – Herons!

6. You Can Tell (By The Light) – Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker

7. 45 Fever – Zoë Wren

8. Peter, Adam, Ivor – The Moon, The Son and The Daughters

9. Wooden Casters – Dave Gerard and the Watchmen

10. Dinah – Sophie Jamieson

11. A Local Man – Patch and the Giant

We’re ecstatic to have such an eclectic mix of acts on our humble little album. Somehow, much like they did on Anthology One, all the acts disparate sounds have come together in the final mix to form a coherent album that feels like more than just a jumble of songs! Don’t ask us how we did it – we don’t know.

To celebrate the album, we’ll be letting some of the musicians tell us a little bit about their songs over the next few days. So keep coming back to the website as we do!

In one final bit of news – we’ve decided that with Anthology Two on the verge of release, it’s time we retired Anthology One from the free download world. Don’t worry, though! We’re leaving the album up for free download until November 1st.

We’re incredibly proud of all Anthology One has achieved, and what it represents for us as a label. As such, we’re going to keep it available as a £5 download. With the artists’ kind permissions, we’ll be donating all proceeds to Cancer Research UK. When, in 2013, we release the inevitable Anthology Three, expect our new album to do much the same.

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