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Traditional folk music at the Brighton Toy & Model Museum

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Emily Mae Winters with live drawing by Chris Riddell

Emily Mae Winters with live drawing by Chris Riddell

The Toy Museum Folk Club is our first foray into the more traditional end of the folk scene. We’ll be bringing some of the most talented musicians on the scene to the intimate arches of Brighton Toy and Model Museum. Join us to watch murder ballads performed beside a sprawling train set, or 18th century dance songs reconstructed under the watchful eye of the museum’s collection of Steiff’s least popular stuffed toys (they have a snail!).

These gigs will feature headline sets by established folk musicians of note, as well as shorter support slots by rising talents. We’ve been very lucky to have renowned author and ilustrator Chris Riddell attend several of our events to live draw alongside the performances. These nights contain an extra element of magic, but we make no promise he’ll be there for every gig! Consider these Folkroom’s take on the traditional folk club. We won’t have floor spots, and you’ll likely never see a raffle, but there will be a warm and welcoming space for folk fans to come together and celebrate the music they love.

Tickets for our 2019 Spring Season are on sale now!

Jan 12th – Martin Carthy ( with support from Hickory Signals) [TICKETS]

Feb 22nd – John Kirkpatrick (w/ Kirsty Merryn) [TICKETS]

Mar 8th – Kitty Macfarlane (w/ Robin Elliott) [TICKETS]

Mar 30th – Iona Fyfe (w/ Thom Ashworth) [TICKETS]

Apr 13th – Ayanna Witter-Johnson (w/ Kate Stapley) [TICKETS]

May 10th – Jim Causley (w/ Germa Adan) [TICKETS]

May 24th – Luke Jackson (w/ Jack Harris) [TICKETS]

Jun 21st – Ben Walker & Rob Harbron (w/ Laura Hockenhull & Chloe Overton) [TICKETS]

For further details of upcoming Toy Museum Folk Club nights, check our Facebook events page.

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Past headliners at Toy Museum Folk Club gigs include: Emily Mae Winters, Ewan McLennan, Jess Morgan, Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith, Mairearad & Anna

4 Responses to “Toy Museum Folk Club”
  1. Chloe Delves says:

    how do I access upcoming dates for the toy museum folk club, and purchase tickets. I dont have facebook
    Many thanks

  2. Jack says:

    Hi, is there a mailing list newsletter for the Toy Museum folk club (exclusively)? I don’t use facebook. Thanks, Jack

    • Folkroom says:

      Hi Jack – there isn’t one exclusively for the Toy Museum but, we’ll be honest, we only send 3 to 5 emails a year generally, and all of those will feature the Toy Museum gigs (two of them will be announcing the new season’s line-ups, so I’d suggest signing up!)

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