Folkroom by Sea

The Village

After seven years of bringing the finest new folk music to London, Folkroom is proud to announce its expansion to the south coast! September 28th will mark the first edition of our new fortnightly event in Brighton, Folkroom by Sea. We’ve long wanted to bring the Folkroom sound and ethos to another city and, with Folkroom’s founders Ben and Stephen both having relocated to the city recently, Brighton couldn’t be a more perfect choice.

Our chosen venue is The Village cafĂ©, a beautiful little pub with beers on tap, cider by the bottle, and the ramshackle decorative touch that first drew us to The Queens Head all those years ago. We’re terrifically excited to be collaborating with The Village, and can’t wait to bring Brighton a bespoke take on the Folkroom Fortnightly gig. We’ll be featuring a mixture of our favourite acts from our London events, talented local artists we can’t wait to discover and international musicians passing through Britain.

Everything about our new gig has been put together carefully and thoughtfully to allow the events in London and Brighton to not only live alongside one another, but also fuel each other. Our events in Brighton will occur the day after London events, which will give touring artists the opportunity to book in two major UK cities without any fuss. We plan on sharing many of the musicians we’ve discovered in London, and hope to discover many new artists in the vibrant arts scene that Brighton is renowned for.

Our first event at The Village is on September 28th, only three weeks away, and will see locally-based folk and blues musician Jack Pout headline with support, straight off the bat, from Swedish alt-folk pop curio Kirsti Meiers. If you’re in the area (or hey, if you fancy a road trip), we’d love to see you there. But if you can’t make it, the joy of Folkroom remains as it has been for years – there’s always another one only two weeks away!

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